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1181 Queen West

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PROJECT NAME: 1181Queen West Condos

ADDRESS: 1181 Queen Street West In Toronto

PROJECT TYPE: Condominium, Retail

DEVELOPER(S): Skale Developments

ARCHITECT(S): Quadrangle Architects Ltd.

UNITS: 146



ESTIMATED COMPLETION DATE: End Of 2021 (most likely End of 2022)


Total Score


Score: 4/5

Queen West area (near Dufferin, Ossington)


Trendy, hippy

Lots of culture and potential for growth

Close to Gardiner/QEW

Trinity Park & High park nearby


Beside railway (noisy)

Pretty far from Yonge (25min streetcar ride Queen Station)

For detailed analysis, please download this report


Score: 4.5/5

This project is pretty high-end.

I wouldn’t say high-end like Shangri-La or Four Seasons

but definitely higher than your usual projects.

Funky architectural designs are usually

more luxury than average, and this fits the description.

Checkout the brochure for details.

Below are some pictures

For detailed analysis, please download this report


Score: x/5

Let’s compare it with some existing units

to see if this is a good deal!

First we find some comparable units.

Then we bring them to equal comparable settings

See if the value is good.

Comparable units

#12xx -68 ABELL ST, Toronto, Ontario M6J0B1 (as of March 2018)


2 bedroom, 2 bath


East view

+1 parking space

= $xxx psf




For detailed analysis, please download this report



The building has an interesting shape.

Often times we are fascinated by interesting shapes,

But most experienced investors know that

square or rectangle shapes are the best!

No circles or triangles.

These weird shapes tend to make decorating the condo

Difficult unless you have extremely good

Design sense or hire an interior designer

Who will help you decorate.


High-end (not your average economy condo)

Very nice design & materials overall


Expensive for the area

Beside railroad (can be a deal breaker if you are sensitive to noise)

Let’s take a look at individual layouts.

I’ve gone through every single layout and did the analysis.

Below are my top 3 picks.




For detailed analysis, please download this report


Cash flow

To give you an idea for what the cashflow will look like,

I’ll use the 709sqft unit example as that is what I would buy.


Initial investment: 20% downpayment + closing cost 6% = $xxx,000

Mortgage amount: $xxx,000

Total Monthly expenses = $xxxx

Expected Monthly rent in 2022 = $xxxx ~ xxxx

Monthly position on first year = -$xx ~ -$xx

Keep in mind that this is the cheapest unit in the project.

Other larger units are not very investment type,

they are more ‘you move in and you fall in love’ type of

principal residence kind of units.




For detailed analysis, please download this report



In summary,

I think there are a few units in the project worth investing.

As you may know about me,

it is really all about

‘buy low sell high’

The first part of that phrase is ‘buy low’.

Everything starts with ‘buy low’.

In this project there are some units that have

good potential to be ‘buy low’.

If you’re looking to buy as your home to move in,

the larger units with good layouts and large terrace

can be a very good place to live,

especially if you consider

how the neighbourhood is going to develop in the future!

Please review the information,

don’t hesitate to contact me via phone, text or email to discuss.


Thanks for reading my analysis,

I wish you wealth & abundance!

For my detailed professional analysis + complete investor package including floor plans, price list, please click here.


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